Spoken Words
FireMaster Rebel

event: Tequesta Drum Circle
note: Autumnal Equinox
date: 2018.September.22
sponsor: MoonPath Circle
location: Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

 Part 1 = Pre-amble            / spoken to small private audience before begining 
 Part 2 = Safety Meeting       / spoken at very begining      
 Part 3 = Tonight we celebrate / spoken at half-time ceremony 
 Part 4 = Why we celebrate     / spoken at very end           
| PART 1 = Pre-Amble
I want to tell you a story in the ancient style
          get you to sit and listen for a while
I only want to say the most important things
      with all the joy that knowledge brings
so I speak in the style of the masters of old
        how all the greatest stories are told
with rhythm and rhyme
    and metrical time
         the words of my tale begin to unfold

but, where to begin?     where do I start?
Where does this story find its very heart?

Well, the story of the story begins with the teller
and that would be me, and I'm an interesting feller
    I am made of time and space
a male member of the human race
but of all that I do, there's this one thing
          about which I am compelled to sing

and it all begins with a ....

| Part 2 - Safety Meeting
I need a few minutes of your time.
 Please come listen to this rhyme.

Settle down, find your seating!

 I am your humble FireMaster Rebel
and I have important words to tell

Lo! The FirePit, dug with care,
   a central pivot for us here.
The fire needs to stay inside the pit,
       (that safest place made for it)
do not remove from off the fire,
       do not add onto our pyre!
If there's something private you need burned,
     we fire tenders have long since learned
that it's okay for you to ask
 US to perform some pyro task.

If you're hot, please do not stay
 but turn your back and step away.
   Bend down below the heat and smoke
before inhaling, or else you'll choke!
these escape routes must remain!

But if the inner circle's where you choose to stand,
                           I suggest you understand:
you will get hot, you will get wet;
  for pails of water have been set,
   for all to use as a sink
(rinsing only, do not drink!)
          but do remember to rehydrate 
and drink clean water at a steady rate

and if it's food you want to cook
 then over there is where to look
at that permanent barbeque grill
which with hot coals I will fill

  When first I dug this fire pit
I pulled a lot of dirt out of it
piled in a circle round where the flames are lit
         this is not a safe place for you to sit
     This CIRCLE OF EARTH about which I talk
protects the path where the FireTenders walk

and to drown out sparks and clear a safe path
   the very next circle is given a water bath
and around this WATER CIRCLE white stones have been parked
              and by this henge the four directions marked
       east is orange for the dawn
south: yellow daylight on the lawn
            west is grey as the setting sun
while north's dark blue, as the day is done

Now around the STONE CIRCLE is a grassy expanse
   a place for all you twirly dancers to prance
and the stone circle protects, with its fire proof ledge
      those dancing around the GRASS CIRCLE's green edge
    seperating them from the inner, and hotter
fire tender's path through the circle of water!

Then around the grass circle are benches and wood
          for beyond the dancing, sitting is good
and around this WOOD CIRCLE drummers do sit
        forming a DRUM CIRCLE all around it

So, open up your minds and see
what elements these circles be
midst our good  tones, higher  mirth and fair   daughters
      are WOOD, STONES,  FIRE, EARTH,     AIR and  WATERS

 Now the most important lesson learned
      is no one here should get burned
  So respect the fire: it's not a toy
Let's all be safe...and please, enjoy!

| Part 3 - Tonight we Celebrate
Well, Come! to the Tequesta Drum Circle Fire
      home of MoonPath Circle's festive pyre
here at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
  protecting nature, like Noah's ark

      We gather our drums together here
on four sacred days each and every year
  festive days chosen for the special reason
that each one marks the changing of a season
autumn, winter, spring and hot summers
are the seasons hailed by our drummers

Tonight, we celebrate! With joyous music and dance
                 the annual celestial happenstance
          of the Autumnal Equinox
marked on calendars and on clocks
     when the waning hours of hot day light
shrink to equal those of cooling dark night
as Summer fades into the past
and Autumn falls at long last

So, come and drum, sing and dance!
Enjoy the music! Have a prance!

Now enough of all this poetic humming
       let's get back to our drumming!

| Part 4 - Why we celebrate
Thank you for coming to the Tequesta Drum Circle Fire
              home of MoonPath Circles's festive pyre
I have been your humble FireMaster Rebel
      and I have some final words to say

           As you should already know
because I'm pretty sure I told you so
      We gather our drums together here
on four sacred days each and every year

Now, people ask me all the time, What are the reasons?
   that we use fire to celebrate the changing seasons?

In the begining, the world was chaos: a void without form
                   a dark gaping chasm: that was the norm
      then with one sudden giant Big BANG!
the entire universe into existence sprang
         as god said, "Let there be light!"
Sun for the days, and stars for the night.
Thus, she created the very firmament of heaven
              begining with the Pleiades Seven
and continuing to every constellation you can see there
           including Ursa Major, that mighty Great Bear
who forever chases her cub round the North Pole
             for in this story, that's her role

                    Now, it is important that you understand
the differences between Heaven and Sky, like Sea versus Land
         Heaven is made mostly of stars
plus a few planets like bloody Red Mars
But Sky is full of wind and clouds and rain
         home of  great Zeus' stormy domain
     Sky is where the lightning is grown
which electric bolts to Earth are thrown
igniting both dry grasses and tree
   thus setting the Wild Fire free

 Now, Sun is the source of all Earthly Fire,
for every spark, he is the great-grand-sire
for when you mix Sun, and Earth and Rain
  it is the gift of life that you attain
Life which is the fuel burning to fire
         the fuel upon our sacred pyre

      thus Heaven surrounds us, like in Ymir's head
that giant orb cross which the stars are all spread
while the sun arises each day in the East
and sets in the West as night is released
Although the Sun races its path cross our Sky
 the stars all move faster, and pass it on by

Travelling between both the days and the nights
    is Heaven's second most brightest of lights:
             Luna, Soma, Celeste: our Moon!
which can be seen either mid-night or noon
and the MoonPath's even slower than the Sun
       which brings us to some calendar fun:

Take a stick and jam it in the ground
             draw a circle all around
 and you've created a simple sun-dial
that first step in time-keeping guile
divide that circle by degrees, minutes and seconds
    and you've got a clock that human time reckons!
            You can plainly see this connection
as Sun's shadow spins in a clock-wise direction
trace that shadow for a  year and you'll see
   that you've drawn the symbol for infinity!

twelve times and more our moon passes the sun
             for each yearly cycle that's run 
                  while 365 days or so
it takes the sun round the stars to go
here the foundation of our clock calendar lays
   with these years, moonths, seconds and days

          Now the word "day" can be a bit confusing
as there's more than one meaning you might be using
                      one is "day" as in "Day versus Night"
in which "day" is only the part that's really quite bright
another "day" includes both the light and the dark
and from dawn until dawn is how this "day" we mark
and if this is the day that our time-keeping reckons
        then every day contains 86,400 short seconds
a time that includes both the dark and the light
         a time over which the two of them fight
 for Winter Sun's path is low in the sky
but in Summer it passes by us quite high
which explains the very reason
for the changing of the season
and why Summer days are long and hot
 while Winter days are short and not

              At any rate...
why use fire to celebrate?
Because many thousand years ago
   the wizard Merlin told me so!
When first he built StoneHenge, in the Celtic style
                     that monumental stone sun dial
to gather his people on the year's shortest day
          to here important words he had to say
about how we've been tracking the Sun through the Stars
                 calculating how it effects us and ours
and how December 21st is the New Year Solstice
             when dark night is at its mostest
while bright day light turns its shortest stay
         thus hailing Winter's first bleak day
  which turns the air both cold and dire
so be safe and warm: come share the fire!

Well, I've used up all the time
       allocated for this rhyme
    so these final words I will employ:
thank you for coming! Now go! With Joy!

"spoken.2018.september.22" written by and copyright © Rebellious O'Megan One