Holler & Swallow
(a fire ritual)

      Let me intro-duce to you
something i think we should do:

A Holler and a Swallow
is a ritual  to follow;
 'tis time for us to drink,
rehydrate and have a think.

Thus we shall raise a mighty ruckus
     in the style of ancient Bachus
   though alcohol be not allowed
because of children in the crowd
  juice will also pass the test
and water's still the very best

for when i say a name worth honoring
(some concept well worth remembering)
then we shall raise our glasses to the sky
           and shout out with a mighty cry
        "All Hail! (so-and-so)"
to not forget and always know
     the very most important things
that only joy with knowledge brings.

Vedic Hindu texts in sanskrit are ancient books where it is writ: born in the wild, now tamed and free, is the spirit we call the great Augni; the very essence of the fire, the flame itself burning higher. So grab your drinks and raise them high, for this holler and swallow, nigh 'cause here and now it's time, you see for us all to say "HAIL! AUGNI!"
while tending the fire i'm facing away but i want to turn and face you and say i am glad you all came to drum here today i really like the drumming, you see it makes this time special for me it's the drumming that sets my dancing soul free and if you can't drum then at least you can dance for drumming and dance are a real nice balance fall winter spring and on summers each season marked by our drummers So grab your drinks and raise them high for this holler and a swallow, nigh Shout, everyone within our ranks "HAIL! You Drummers, and mighty thanks!" copyright © 2017 Rebellious O'Megan One