Fire Etiquette
 I am your humble FireMaster Rebel 
and I have important words to tell.

          Look around and understand 
this sacred ground, this sacred land.
Lo! the FirePit, dug with care,
   a central pivot for us here.
The fire needs to stay inside the pit:
        that safest place made for it.
Do not remove from off our fire!
       Do not add onto our pyre!
If there's something private you need burned,
     we fire tenders have long since learned 
 it is okay for you to ask 
US to perform so pyro task.

It's all about the circles, all about the cycles:
    CO-CENTRIC CIRCLES,     and celestial cycles.

  When first we dug this fire pit 
we pulled a lot of dirt out of it;
piled in a circle round where the flames are lit,
         this is not a safe place for you to sit!
      This CIRCLE OF EARTH about which I talk 
protects the path where the fire tenders walk;
and to drown out sparks and clear a safe path,
   the very next circle is given a water bath.
Around this WATER CIRCLE white stones have been parked 
        and by their henge, the four directions marked.

       East is orange for the dawn,
South, yellow daylight on the lawn;
            West is grey as the setting sun 
while North's dark blue, as the day is done.

Circles ensure that wind from any direction
will feed the fire with constant perfection
while the widest edges of the fire's hot rim 
  are at the bottom, where cool air flows in;
as hot fiery sparks from the center rise high 
      to float in the air and cool in the sky.

 Around the STONE CIRCLE is a grassy expanse,
a place for all you twirly dancers to prance.
The Stone Circle protects, with its fire-proof ledge,
  those dancing around the GRASS CIRCLE's green edge 
    separating them from the inner, and hotter,
fire tender's path through the Circle of Water.

Now around the Grass Circle are benches and wood 
        (for beyond the dancing, sitting is good)
and around this WOOD CIRCLE, drummers do sit,
         forming a DRUM CIRCLE all around it.

And around this Drum Circle is a GREAT CIRCLE of 
    spectators! partaking in all the shared love.

    The fire begins deep underground
fueled by natural wood that we found
           we swore not to kill nor to be mean
and try not to burn anything vibrant nor green
with the brown and the dried and the already dead
            are the flames of our fire gently fed

We start off small, with a kindling pyre 
 and slowly build, into a great Bon Fire!
So, if the inner circle's where you stand 
                 I suggest you understand:

you will get hot, you will get wet
 four pails of water have been set
   for all to use as a sink  
(rinsing only, do not drink!)
          but do remember to rehydrate
and drink fresh water at a steady rate
for the most important lesson learned 
is that no one here should get burned!

So, if you're hot, please do not stay
     but turn your back and step away
bend down below the heat and smoke
     then inhale, before you choke

these escape routes must remain 

  but do come closer, if you're cold
to warm yourself, both young and old

 and open up your minds to see 
what elements these circles be:

For good   tones, higher myrth, and fair daughters,
these final words I will employ:
  Welcome all! and please enjoy! copyright © 2017 Rebellious O'Megan One