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FireMaster Rebel says,
"Well, come to the next Fire!"

Vernal Equinox
Thursday March 19th 2020
Tequesta Drum Circle
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Please read about
"Fire Etiquette"
"Why we Celebrate"
and important rituals such as
"A Holler and a Swallow"

View here archived
photographs and movies of
sacred ceremonial BonFires
built by FireMaster Rebel
for and at various festivals:
flame2.gif Animated Time-Lapse Panoramic Photographic Mosaic
(Three Days & SpookJam Festival Night)
flame1.gif 2018 September 22 by Sylvia Lattimer
2018 New Year by Tom Ward
2014 December 21 photos by Kerry Cockram
2014 June 21 photos by Kerry Cockram
2013 December 21 photos by Aleeiah
2011 Spring Equinox Photographs
SlideShow of Random Pictures by many people

flame2.gif Tequesta Drum Circle (movies):
2014 Winter Equinox (One) by Todd Andrighettii
2014 Winter Equinox (Two) by Todd Andrighetti
2011 Spring Equinox
2010 Winter Solstice
2010 Winter Solstice
2010 Autumn Equinox
2010 Autumn Equinox
2010 Summer Solstice
2009 Autumn Equinox

Skunk Ape
2007 New Year's Eve
2007 February LoveJam
2007 February LoveJam (YouTube)

A Prometheus Productions crew 
on 2014.January.27.monday at
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
recorded raw footage for a
television special.

Some of that data is 
embedded inside the television show:
History Channel - Ancient Aliens (Season 6, Episode 17) The Shamans

Which is available for viewing here:
10:47 minutes into video starts Shaman at Tequesta Drum Circle FirePit
FireMaster Rebel appears approximately 11:00 minutes into video
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