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2011 Spring Equinox
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location: Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Fort Lauderdale, Florida date: 2011 March 20 note: FireMaster Rebellious O'Megan One note: Tequesta Drum Circle Spring Equinox Celebration
note: This fire was originally lit 7 days earlier by a group of Masons conducting their own secret celebrations. I simply dug up their coals while cleaning the sacred fire circle, and put my kindling on top, re-igniting it. I fed the fire for the entire day and night. Six days after that, it still smolders. So, this particular fire (as of this writing) has remained hot for two full lunar phases, comprising the weeks before, during and after the brightest full moon for 18 years. note: we burned a total of five christmas trees this time, the biggest and brightest of which is captured here. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the heat generated was not able to be recorded. You will see me spinning around the outside, brushing fire off of individuals. Estimates of the height of the flames range from 25 to 50 feet. The pit is three feet deep at its center, with fire burning that far below ground as well. note: I don't know what is wrong with code/internet/YouTube on this page, but it does not always load correctly. Frequently, there are only four (out of five) videos displayed. Each time you reload the page, a different one vanishes. Try reloading once or twice until you have seen all five videos. Sorry for the inconvenience.