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All pictures copyright © 2001,2011 by Reilly
All HTML and text copyright (c) 2001,2011 by Rebellious O'Megan One

Alligator at Pahokee, Florida Owl in a tree Blue Heron in flight Guys in Carolinas Lizard in a tree Osprey Eagle The Photographer HimSelf!

     These are pictures taken by Reilly
using a zoom lense equipped single lense reflex camera.  
original 35mm color film negatives
were developed and printed on photographic paper, then
scanned with PaperPort into 24-bit true-color JPG format
HTML design and lay-out was hand-written by Rebel One.

They are available for free on-line here.
Higher resolutions and alternate formats are available for
purchase directly from either the Editor or Photographer.